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Volcano Vineyards

Weekend Words: Volcano Vineyards

“The high-toned sweet plum and raspberry fruit tastes almost jaunty on the tongue despite the weighty mouthfeel.”

Jaunty? What a fun word to use (meaning lively or sprightly) in reference to wine. The language of wine can be so entertaining. Yes, some people attempt to impress with overbearing descriptions… but for most of us, the language of wine adds to the pleasure of drinking it.

That sentence is from Northwest Palate Magazine about Volcano Vineyards Gold Medal winning Syrah (2007 San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition). Volcano is a micro winery in Bend, Oregon, making wonderful Rhone varietals, many of which have won awards. Worth seeking out in Oregon’s restaurants and wine shops. Or if you’re lucky enough to be in downtown Bend, you can enjoy Volcano’s tasting room.

Enjoy their wine and talking about it. As Robert Louis Stevenson said, “Wine is bottled poetry.”