Let it snow, let it snow !

“Oh the weather outside is frightful, But the fire is so delightful.”

Thanks to lyricist Sammy Cahn for one of my favorite Christmas songs. However, that frightful weather – two feet of snow – has slowed delivery trucks in Oregon and a book I ordered hasn’t arrived. We have a Christmas Eve day tradition of books for the children so I must leave our warm home for a short shopping trip, snow or no!

It is truly a White Christmas in Central Oregon. It’s hard to imagine the holidays in a warm place. Snow is so ingrained in our holidays songs, cards and images. Even though this holiday is supposed to honor the birth of Jesus, most scholars don’t think this was his actual birth date. Instead December was chosen to correspond with winter solstice and give us all something to celebrate in our darkest (literally!) days.

Whatever the weather where you are – I’m wishing you a delightful holiday!

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