Purpose & Passion

“The greatest force on earth is the human soul on fire.”

I’ve been noticing this quote around – it’s used by business consultants to motivate employees and in reference to our new president. It was said by Ferdinand Foch who served as a general in the French Army in WWI. I agree – a passionate person pursuing their true calling can accomplish the unimaginable.

But what if you are too busy running through life to notice what lights your soul? There are numerous inspirational books. One is Will the REAL You Please Stand Up? by Fran Harris. She is (amazingly!) an ordained minister, WNBA Champion, business consultant, author and speaker. Her most requested speech is Are you Feasting at Life’s Buffet.. or Settling for the Crumbs? Harris tells her audience that if they don’t like what is on their plate, then send it back. A simple but useful way to look at it – we are probably more likely to send back a plate of overcooked food than reject parts of our life that aren’t working. So Bon Appetit !

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