Seeds of Creativity

“We are compelled to create—to make, write, act, and give birth. How do we manifest this deep desire? How do our creations—novels, babies, and atom bombs—affect our lives, our culture, and our planet?”

Artist Tiffany Lee Brown has embarked on the Easter Island Project to explore what it means to be biologically childless. At first Brown wanted to reach a better understanding of her struggle with not giving birth, then realized it was about the larger issue of why we create. She’s asking people to contribute a seed to take on her trip to Easter Island in August. The place is ironic since early inhabitants didn’t survive and much of what we know about them is from the monumental statues they created. People have interpreted “seed” to be anything from a poem, to pieces of an eagle’s egg to small pottery. She incorporates these offerings into traveling performances. Brown is also creating a book out of her seed project.

The premise of her project is founded on big questions – I’m interested in the “answers” she’ll find through her own journey and from those who have offered seeds of creativity. You can support her project (and have fun) through her Tarot card readings which she describes as heartfelt and not “overly woo-woo.”

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