Hubbell’s A Country Year

On a walk through the Missouri Ozarks, writer Sue Hubbell hopes her dogs don’t discover the small fawn she has just seen.

“At last we whistled up our dogs and walked back up to the cabin. We stopped by the fence where the fawn had been, but there was no sign of the youngster or his mother. The bent grasses where he had lain had sprung back, and even his scent must have been gone, for the dogs waiting near us, quiet and tired, took no notice.”

I’ve read Hubbell’s non-fiction book titled A Country Year twice. Hubbell chronicles nature through the seasons when this ex-librarian moves to a cabin in the wilderness and becomes a beekeeper. Her observations are thoughtful and she presents them simply. One reviewer said her book was “beautiful as honey poured from a jar…” If you don’t live in nature, this is the “arm chair” way to experience it.

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