Asimov’s Wine Pleasures

“The mind of the wine consumer is a woolly place, packed with odd and arcane information fascinating to few. Like the pants pocket of a 7-year-old boy, it’s full of bits of string, bottle caps and shiny rocks collected while making the daily rounds of wine shops, restaurants, periodicals and the wine-soaked back alleys of the Internet.”

New York Times chief wine critic Eric Asimov knows his way around a wine shop and a paragraph. Here he opens a popular article titled Wine Pleasures: Are They All in Your Head? It turns out two studies show American consumers still don’t know much about wine and are swayed by marketing hype. Asimov is an entertaining writer. Who would think to compare oddball wine facts with the contents of a little boy’s pocket? Probably the dad of two of them. When I read him, yes, I learn about wine but I also learn how engagingly knowledge can be imparted in the hands of a solid writer. Salut Eric!

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