Weekend Words: Great Book Blogs

Thank goodness there are so many great blogs for book lovers! In this age when reading actual books is down, it warms the cockles of my heart.

If you’re wondering what your next summer read should be, visit The Elegant Variation. Mark Sarvas posts insightful book reviews and talks about his own new novel Harry, Revisited. This enthusiastic and very busy reader will inspire you to add to your stack of must-reads.

As a mom, I appreciate reviews of kids books and Books For Kids by a retired librarian is a helpful resource. Book-a-Rama is fun to check out from a blogger and bookaholic in Canada who is taking a Read-a-Thon challenge today. I’ve found several books to add to my list at A Life in Books. And Danzig U.S.A. is an eclectic mix of culture, insight and beautiful photographs from three contributors in Louisville.

Just a few of my favorite things – please add yours!

Monday Note: I noticed on Google Analytics several international readers of my weekend blog. Fun to know people in Malaysia, France and Columbia are visiting! What’s on the bestseller lists in Israel and Portugal?


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