Tunick’s Bodies

“A body is a living entity. It represents life, freedom, sensuality, and it is a mechanism to carry out our thoughts. A body is always beautiful to me. It depends on the individual work and what I do with it and what kind of idea lies behind it – if age matters or not. But in my group works, the only difference is how far people can go if it rains, snows etc.”

New Yorker Spencer Tunick is known for his photographs of large numbers of nude people. Tunick has photographed thousands of nude people in public places all over the world, including 18,000 people in Mexico City’s main square. In 2007, Tunick posed hundreds of nude volunteers at Aletsch Glacier to draw attention to global warming. It was not warm however, as the volunteers braved 10 degree temperatures at the time of the photograph. See his work on his site.

While our society places such high value on having the “perfect” body, we’d be wise to remember Tunick’s words about all bodies being beautiful. He ought to know.

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