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Weekend Words: Economic Impact of the Arts

“The arts deepen our understanding of the human spirit, extend our capacity to comprehend the lives of others, allow us to imagine a more just and humane world. Through their diversity of feeling, their variety of form, their multiplicity of inspiration, the arts make our culture richer and more reflective.”

Jonathan Fanton
President, MacArthur Foundation

This quote is from a brochure on Americans for the Arts Arts & Economic Prosperity III study which shows the financial benefit of arts and culture in our communities. Fanton is talking about a wide range of arts from dance and school programs, to public art and theatre. I have certainly experienced his sentiment while reading books; I can understand people living in past times in history, in various countries, who have made different choices in their lives. It is this understanding of others that will allow us a more peaceful and, as Fanton says, humane world.