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David Brooks John McCain New York Times

Same Old Politics

“McCain would venture forth on the back of his bus, going places other Republicans don’t go, saying things politicians don’t say, offering the country the vision of a different kind of politics — free of circus antics — in which serious people sacrifice for serious things. It hasn’t turned out that way.”

Political speak is fascinating. Today messages are inspected and dissected so intensely that a candidate speaks off-the-cuff at their peril. Here New York Times Columnist David Brooks is discussing how John McCain is now sticking with the daily party line message points and running a traditional presidential campaign. McCain’s attempt at doing things his own maverick way didn’t work. Where is the change many of us had hoped for? Perhaps once one of our candidates is in the White House, they can buck the system just a little bit.

Frank Rich John McCain New York Times

McCain’s Money ‘Wisdom’

“Beltway wisdom has it that the addition of such a corporate star will remedy Mr. McCain’s fiscal flatulence.”

It’s not really funny that a political candidate knows so little about the economy — but I did have to laugh at this “turn of phrase” in Frank Rich’s column in The New York Times titled “It’s the Economic Stupidity, Stupid.” Rich goes on to write that John McCain vows to read Greenspan’s book as a tutorial and is thinking he’ll learn to get online one of these days. Oh dear. The “right” vice president won’t fix what’s wrong with McCain. Along with his lack of fiscal know-how, I can’t imagine him ever uttering a stunning sentence.