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Michael Hoeye

Time Stops for No Mouse

“The last few weeks in particular I’ve given a lot of thought to the idea of beauty. I’ve never really taken the time to do that before.”

That’s one lovely theme in Michael Hoeye’s first book in his Hermux Tanamoq series. The first title, Time Stops for No Mouse, introduces us to the watchmaking mouse, Hermux Tantamoq, and his pet ladybug, Terfle. Hermux is a sweet mouse with a zest for life. Each night, he writes charming “thank you” notes to the world. The book is hard to classify, it’s usually recommended for Young Adult readers. But it has thoughtful themes – such as stopping to notice beauty – and holds the attention of adults too. I found it delightful and fresh.

Michael Hoeye began by self-publishing his book… and then he was discovered. You’ll get hooked too and want to move on to the next book in this adventure series, The Sands of Time.