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Ashworth Nobile

I Was a Really Good Mom Before I Had Kids

Isn’t that a great title? The book is subtitled, “reinventing modern motherhood.”

“Unless the housekeeper of our dreams suddenly swoops down from the sky, the key for many of us is to find a way to savor the dailiness.”

I’m a big fan of dailiness. When you stop rushing, you find the good stuff is already there. The excitement in my daughter’s face when she saw her daisy seeds sprouting would have been enough to make the day a great one. But, it didn’t end there. Every day my kids help me recognize moments worth savoring, the ones you shouldn’t rush past.

In “Good Mom,” authors Trisha Ashworth and Amy Nobile explore how mothers can learn to enjoy motherhood despite the craziness of their schedules. They start off with a check list to see if you need the book, asking if you secretly wish you had your own apartment. Ooops. Another check list item is that you consider a trip to the dentist your special “alone time.” Oh, it’s not?

The book is funny and witty and improved my attitude on a crazy day. I’m off to find joy in small moments. Happy Mother’s Day !