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Andy Warhol Palm Springs Art Museum

Warhol, Time and Palm Springs

I recently saw the Andy Warhol exhibit at the Palm Springs Art Museum and appreciated his art beyond the iconic Campbell’s tomato soup can prints and the colorful Marilyn diptych.  We know he enjoyed more than 15 minutes of fame as he embraced commercialism, palled around with rich patrons like Mick Jagger at Studio 54, and was openly gay in an era when it was harder to be out.  But Warhol also liked ephemera, penned simple line drawings in his early years, and snapped personal portraits of non-celebrities.  Three decades after his death, we are still fascinated with him because he saw things differently.  Wandering the Modernist museum, it was obvious how Warhol’s wide-ranging creativity still looks vibrant and cool today.   He was a true changemaker.

“They say that time changes things but you actually have to change them yourself.”

The exhibit continues through May 28th.