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New Year's Resolutions New York Times

Resolution – Read More


Frank Bruni wrote a thoughtful resolution article in the New York Times titled For 2014, Tweet Less, Read More.  I’m not wasting my time tweeting (I waste it in other ways!) but I do want to read some missed classics (Anna Karenina), study countries through literature (France), and refresh my art history knowledge with well chosen books (I’m a fan of DK books and want to read Art That Changed the World).

Bruni writes about the fevered pitch of public discourse and the lack of online etiquette.  How does this relate to reading?  Well, Bruni suggests that more reading encourages an understanding of broader viewpoints.  It allows for deliberation and “forces a pause.”  How welcome that would be to our current aggressive and ineffective political shouting matches!

I can’t fix the rude rants in public forums.  But I can read to my increase my knowledge – both for perspective and to grasp the facts accurately.  As we’ve all heard before, the best conversationalists truly listen.  So I’m going to “listen” to a broader range of books this year.  What’s on your bedside table?


How to Start the New Year

David Castillo Dominici
David Castillo Dominici

“Do not wait until the conditions are perfect to begin.  Beginning makes the conditions perfect.”

Alan Cohen (author of inspirational books including Chicken Soup for the Soul)

That kind of takes the pressure off New Year’s resolutions – doesn’t it?  No need for big plans and preparations.  Simple, small steps in the right direction are all you need.   It’s like the chaos theory, or butterfly effect, of resolutions.  One tiny action can result in significant change.

I found this quote in a Huffington Post feature on how to Inspire a Fresh Start in 2013, where you’ll find several other inspiring quotes.