Why Willpower Runs Out

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“Self control is a complicated psychological event.  It draws on your body’s energy supply, which is limited.”

Roy Baumeister, psychology professor at Florida State University
Whole Living magazine, February 2012

Isn’t that hopeful?  If you ate two donuts even though you made a New Year’s resolution to cut calories, you aren’t necessarily lacking in strength of character.  Instead, there is a physical reason why we sometimes lapse in our goals.  The professor’s studies show low levels of glucose leads to poor performance on self-control tests.  So the trick is to take care of your health and not give yourself too many willpower challenges in one day.  These and other interesting findings are in Whole Living’s article  “More Will Power to You” by Whitney Joiner.  It’s a positive read at a time when the enthusiasm for resolutions is waning – so off to the gym!

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