Amore, food & wine – a novel combination!


“Daniel’s other woman and two bright-eyed beautiful children were sitting under the insole of his left golf shoe when Lily first found them.  They were laminated.”

So begins Sarah-Kate Lynch’s Dolci di Love: A Novel

There is a huge category of books between so-called beach books and Literature (with a capital L), which I have never been able to define.  Lynch is such a good writer – her books cover way more than over-priced shoes and sex (not that those topics aren’t covered).  But she also paints full characters engaged in life, figuring out life’s mysteries.  You are entertained, yet there is actually something to think about after the book has ended.

Her Dolci book takes place in a Tuscan village and another novel I just finished, House of Daughters, takes place in the Champagne region of France.  The themes are similar –  women, aging, life’s passions such as love, food and wine, and how we make peace with what we expected from life and what actually happens.

What do you call this “middle” category of fiction?




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